About Us


To be the superior provider of useful apparel, footwear and accessories for work, life and outdoor. To achieve admiration and love from our customers.

Social Responsibility

Our business started over 15 years ago in a garage and a beat-up van, peddling recycled coveralls. We never meant to be a socially-conscious company, but a common-sense business approach through the years lead us to be pretty responsible — to people, the environment, and especially our customers. BareBones diverts items from our dumps by offering recycled rags, coveralls and mats, mostly through our wholesale division. We recruit welfare-to-work staff, and squeeze out as much as possible in our profits to offer health care and other benefits. BareBones has been certified by Sacramento County as a Sustainable Business. That means we practice conservation measures, just by being responsible to our environment. Even our staff has adopted a street near us to clean up trash several times a year.

Do you know of a charitable organization that has some needs? Send us an email.

Our Stuff

Our goal is to provide the most useful products to make you look good, feel good, and be safe.


The BareBones Pre-discounted Pricing Policy is a no-nonsense, every day discounted price. We don’t raise our prices, then offer a discount. However, we like to show you how much you save by listing what our suppliers recommend we charge.


We try to ship as quickly as we can after we receive an order. If the processing time is extended due to agreements with some of our fulfillment centers, we will show that to you on the product page. We know getting your stuff to you as quickly as possible is paramount. Your package could be delivered by FedEx or USPS, depending on which service can get it to you the fastest. We’ll try our best around Christmas time, but be prepared for delivery services to be backed up with the holiday rush.


Please contact us for any question you have on a product, price or service issue. Our staff wants you to have a purchase experience beyond your expectations. We want you to be a customer that would recommend us to your friends. If you like us, follow us on Facebook.

​Thank you very much for your business!
Stu Nelson, Head Guy